Mixed Martial Arts

Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts (OAMA) has developed its Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) program with techniques proven in the ring. We combine the technical ground game of Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu with our hard hitting stand-up and very successful Muay Thai program. We also focus strongly on wrestling and conditioning to create a well rounded MMA fighter. Be it amateur or professional, there is a place for everyone in our MMA program.

We have had competitors in the UFC, Invicta, Wreck MMA, TKO, Havoc FC and Cage Warriors just to name a few.

If you are interested in MMA training, let us chat about what OAMA can offer.

Our program has two unique classes:

MMA Technique

In this class you will learn the fundamental techniques needed as the building blocks to become well rounded in MMA, including striking, wrestling, submissions and escapes. All training will be conducted in a safe, team-oriented environment. We also recommend being enrolled in our Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program because these are the two major arts that are incorporated in MMA

MMA Sparring
Once a student has become proficient in the MMA Technique they are eligible to enrol in the MMA Sparring class, providing they have been recommended by their head instructor. This class will be a high intensity workout requiring an equal level of dedication and discipline from qualified students. This advanced class will prepare students physically and mentally for when that cage door closes! OAMA has developed top notch local talent in MMA. Our Academy motto is “Training Like a Team, Fighting like a Family”. We believe in training anyone willing to learn. Although ages and skill level vary in every class, respect for one another and their individual goals are paramount at OAMA. Come and be a part of the strongest MMA team in Ottawa!

MMA Elite Class

The MMA Elite class is everyday from 1-2:30 pm. Most of the students who take part in this class also take part in the noon class to ensure they are getting the most out of their training day. This is the class where you begin to put all the movements together, work advanced drilling, different types of situational drilling. MMA is a very robust system that requires work in many different area’s especially for someone who is considering taking their training to the next level. If that’s you then this is the program for you.

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