Black Belt Club

After your child has been training in our Samurai Kids program and they have reached the rank of orange belt. They will have the opportunity the become a member of the Black Belt Club. This program is where the children continue to grow their martial arts skills and focus on more advanced techniques in the martial arts. You will begin to see from the striking stand point that the children will be moving in a more traditional Muay Thai style of striking because they will have a strong foundation from the samurai kids program and will be ready this new challenge. They will continue to focus their takedown techniques between judo and wrestling and stringing the two styles together. On the ground they will continue to develop their style of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as it works best for them and their size.

The Black Belt club creates a great community amongst the youth to work together as a team as they each continue towards their goals as individuals. It is a positive learning environment that will foster a can do behaviour.