Whether you are looking to increase self-confidence, flexibility, co-ordination, focus, fitness or to earn a black belt than Taekwondo at Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts will get you there. Master Ken’s aim is to provide the best training in traditional Taekwondo and Olympic style sparring to students of all ages. It is especially important at this stage to emphasis self respect and character development to instill positive habits to instill discipline and confidence that will be carried along with the child for the rest of the child’s life developing a “yes I can” attitude.

At the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts, kids get a unique opportunity to enjoy a full martial arts experience from an industry leader in taekwondo. Master Ken Blackburn brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each of his classes – he has over 30 years’ experience teaching Olympic-style WTF taekwondo and is the only Korean Hapkido Federation black belt instructor in Ottawa. This unique blend of knowledge and experience has allowed Master Blackburn to select elements of these martial arts to develop a dynamic Taekwondo curriculum.

Master Blackburn’s students get the benefit of working with one of the only WTF taekwondo instructors in Ottawa with over 30 years of experience teaching youth to excel. His rich and varied experience in instruction has given him the opportunity to make a life-changing impact on many of his students; many of them have found success as community leaders using the tenets of martial arts that they have learned in his class. He has worked closely with a number of international organizations in the development and promotion of WTF taekwondo; he has participated in the World Taekwondo Hanmadang and enjoys an association with the Korean Tigers demonstration team.

At our school, kids learn a strong sense of community and responsibility. Beyond a taekwondo curriculum, Master Blackburn reinforces the notions of civic duty and helping fellow students. They are taught that no person is left behind, and that they are part of a team – their martial arts family. Kids learn the value of hard work as they move up the levels, but also the value of having fun and enjoying each other’s success. From white belt to black belt, kids have the opportunity to grow and develop continuously both in body and in mind.