Taekwondo is a dynamic, fast-paced martial art that originated in Korea over 2,000 years ago. One of the most widely-practiced martial arts in the world today, this exciting martial art combines combat and self-defense techniques with sport and exercise. Training in Taekwondo is an excellent tool for physical fitness and character development; men, women and children alike are often amazed at what they can achieve under the right guidance! At the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts our experienced team of instructors work to ensure that each student reaches their fullest potential.


The philosophy of Taekwondo as a martial art is further enhanced by the value of inclusiveness and personal well-being; OAMA students are given the opportunity to train in an art that allows them to see the value of their efforts early in their training. The notion of betterment of your fellow person is an integral part of Master Ken Blackburn’s approach. It is why so many of his students refer to each other as their martial arts family. Master Ken reinforces that mutual support and encouragement are integral elements to the growth of a martial artist, as each person, regardless of age or skill level, learns how to effectively use the techniques that are time-tested and proven incredibly effective.


Training involves learning a system of blocks, kicks, punches, and open-handed strikes, all of which develop strength, speed, balance, flexibility, and stamina. In addition to self-defense training, students learn prearranged sequences of techniques known as forms or poomsae.
As they progress through the belt ranks, students will enhance their ability to focus under pressure; the sport is as much mental training as it is physical.

Taekwondo is often the foundation for many mixed martial artists; students leverage the experience, skill and confidence they gain from Taekwondo as they learn other martial arts. Former UFC world lightweight Champion Benson Henderson and UFC world Light Weight Champion Anthony Pettis both began their martial arts careers in Taekwondo; their styles are very heavily influenced by Taekwondo and these techniques can often be seen during their fights.

World Taekwondo Federation Taekwondo

OAMA offers a comprehensive and well-developed program in World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) style Taekwondo. WTF style Taekwondo is one of only two martial arts included in the Olympic Games and is the only style featured in many other multi-sport games. Our curriculum includes competitive sparring training, with many opportunities for students to build their competitive experience through participation in tournaments.

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Taekwondo instructions are available only at our Ottawa East location. Please contact OAMA East Academy 1707 St. Laurent Blvd. – 613-260-8273